Know where you are going;else you may get lost.

Marsha didn’t like to be the one who was always left out of anything. In order to make sure that didn’t happen, she would agree with most of what the other children did or said, even if she didn’t always like it. Her best friend, Eliza, would always tell her that she only seemed silly when she did that, but Marsha didn’t care. Majority of the times the two would sit together at lunch, and even though Eliza was not the most popular girl, she was not a nerd or a weird child anyway, so she  could easily fit in with the rest of the popular girls. Marsha always tried too hard to fit in, and for that the other girls would spite her, but she couldn’t see that.


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Most of the times the girls would ask her to pick up their lunches for them or to do their homework, but when they went on the mall to hang out or whenever one of them were having a party, they would not invite her. She would always tell herself that she didn’t want to go anyway because she didn’t have any clothes to wear, or she just didn’t feel like it. Eliza would keep scolding her and she got so angry at Eliza she told her one day that she was only jealous because she was friends with the popular girls and she was not. Eliza was hurt when she said this so she did not speak to her after that.


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Pretty soon, Marsha had to be eating alone because she was not welcome at the table with the popular girls. When she went there and placed her tray down, they all laughed and pretended they didn’t see her. They gave her funny looks and didn’t include her in any of their conversations unless they were asking her to do something. She started to feel alone even while sitting at the table with so many persons. One day she went to sit on the bench in the corner. She was surprised when she saw her old friend come over and sit beside her, but she was glad that she did.


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You have to know who you are and what you stand for. If you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything, and if you don’t know where you are going, it is easy to get lost.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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Maintain individuality, but learn to work in a team.

If you never spent a dime, what is the beauty of being wealthy?

Good words act as an effective incentive.

Don’t fall into the trap of losing your goodness.

Everyone is different;And the beauty of life is variety




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