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Often you might meet someone who appears to be nice and filled with goodness like a chocolate bar. They are helpful and thoughtful and appear to be a great friend to you, but on another level they really aren’t. Friendship should be a lifetime bond like marriage and should not be taken casually. What it means to be a friend is to profess unconditional love to that other person and provide the necessary support he/she needs. What we often mistake is thinking that we are good people in general when in fact we are not.



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When someone is ‘nice’, thoughtful, respectful, and considerate and generally display all of these good personality traits, emphasis should be placed on ‘general’. One should not be any of the above only as it relates to certain people. So for instance, if you are kind hearted, then that should be the case even if you don’t know the person or even if you do and the person isn’t kind to you in return. Kindness should not be selective. By selecting you are making a judgement call as to who you think is deserving of your kindness. Kindness weighs more on the persons you do not  know or who do not  deserve it rather than to only your friends.



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The parable of Good Samaritan is one of the most famous parables in the Bible. For all of those who have never heard, the story  goes something like this (abridged version): A man was lying on the road possibly dying, having been attacked on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho and two persons (one a priest and the other a Levite)   passed by ignoring him. A Samaritan was passing and helped the man, bandaged his wound and took him to a safe house and also paid for his stay. Now he did not know the man at all, but his action showed great kindness and compassion for another. So too we must live among each other, doing for others what they can’t do for themselves. There should be no reward for this other than knowing that you helped another in need.



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Be kind and genuine and show love to others at all times, even when you don’t think they deserve it.



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