Kindness is a good virtue, but please keep a limit.

Mother used to make home-made ice cream all the time and Little Susie would always get excited whenever she did. She especially loved when she would make strawberry ice cream for that was her favourite. This particular Saturday, Mother was making her favourite and she could not wait until it was ready to eat. So impatient was she that Mother always had to be chasing her away from the kitchen door. Finally it was ready.


kindness 11


Before Little Susie could get some, some of her friends came over and she offered them some. Mother got some bowls and gave some to them all. Later in the evening some family members came as well, and Little Susie, being the kind soul that she was, just kept on offering her ice cream. It was getting late now and Mother told her that she could not have any more-not until the following day anyway.


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Little Susie almost ran from church the following day, because all the while she kept thinking about her ice cream. But as it turned out, some guests came home with Mother and Susie once more offered them some of her ice cream. It seemed she did not realise it would end for when Mother told her there was no more, she was surprised. She went and looked into the jug for herself, but just as Mother had said, there was none.


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She would have to wait until the following Saturday or when Mother got the chance to make some more. Now she wished she hadn’t given away that much.


Kindness is a virtue that we all should have, but there are limits to everything. Too much kindness will leave you without.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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