A kind heart is loved by all.

A kind heart:

Is loved by all it meets,

Is treasured by all who greets,

Is given to everyone who seek,

Mends the broken, the incomplete.


kind heart 4


Be ever willing to help other persons in need.

We are all on this earth to help each other,

For none of us can do everything alone.


kind heart 3


Let it never be that when you are in need of help,

No one will come to your aid.

Smile, and be a cheerful giver and a willing helper.

                                                          By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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Things you discard may be valuable for another.

You never know how strong you are until challenged.

Release the champion inside and claim victory.

Playing dangerously causes more harm than good.

Maintain individuality, but learn to work in a team.



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