Be grateful for everything you have.

Paul’s parents did not always have food to give to him. They lived in a farming village and there had been a drought. That means that there was no water to maintain the farms so most of the crops were dying. Paul’s parents were both farmers, so things got really bad for them when the crops started dying. While they were able to find breakfast or dinner most of the times, they didn’t have money to give him to buy lunch. He either had to come home for lunch, or go without.  The school that Paul went to was a mile away so it was hard for him to travel two miles every day to get lunch and then go back to school. He decided that he wanted to go to school, so for the days that he could not get any money, he would go without lunch and go home early for dinner. His parents prayed that something would happen soon and that Paul would have something to eat at school.


Paul felt sad every day at lunch, for most of the times, he was the only one who didn’t have lunch. His friends sometimes shared the little they had, but Paul would tell them ‘no’ most of the times because, even though he appreciated their kindness, their small lunches were not enough for two. So, every lunch time, instead of staying in the lunch area where he would see all the children with their lunches, he would go to a small brook at the back of the school and sit there until lunch was over.


grateful (2)


One day Paul went to school and saw a parcel with a sandwich inside. He looked around and asked if anyone had left their lunch there by mistake. It did not seem to belong to anyone. Paul opened the bag and saw a note that read ‘Paul’ on it. He was now sure it was his, but he was not  sure who had left it, but he was happy and thankful. Every day that he went to school he would find a different parcel with food, but he never found out who it was coming from. Soon the rains came, and the crops got better and his parents were able to provide for him better after that. When Paul went to school again, he noticed that the parcels did not come anymore. He smiled as he thought about the angel who had provided for him when he had nothing.


Be grateful for everything you have and even for the things you do not. Sometimes there are others that are less fortunate than you. The more grateful you are, the greater your blessings will be. All it takes is trust and faith.



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