Gorilla Glass 4: Good news for smart phone users.

Corning Inc., the market leader in cover glass for portable electronic devices, has come out with Gorilla Glass 4, the latest in the series of Gorilla glasses. Good news for high end smart phone users.

 Gorilla Glass 46

Gorilla glass, the special toughened glass finds its application as cover glass in mobile phones, portable media players and computers. The glass combines thinness, light weight and scratch resistance. Majority of electronic appliances manufactures including leaders LG, Samsung and HTC have been applying Gorilla glass. However, the third generation Gorilla Glass 3, has been facing  competition from Sapphire glass, a more scratch resistant but more brittle prone glass, in the recent past. 

The focus of smart phone and tablet manufactures has been on offering features like lightweight, thinness and better damage resistances on accidental droppings. 
Gorilla Glass 4 claims to be twice as strong compared to other glasses in the market. It offers more screen breakage resistance resulting from everyday drops. The new glass supports achieving more thinness. The latest entrant could become 25% thinner compared to its predecessor.  

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Gorilla glass as a brand started getting attention in 2011. Gorilla Glass 2 was introduced in 2012 and third generation in 2013. Gorilla Glass 3 offered better scratch resistance against native damages like keys in the pockets. On November 20,2014, the company announced the latest version. The 80% survival rate on drops achieved by the company the company is good news for smart phone and tablet manufacturers and users. Consumer devices with Gorilla Glass 4 can be expected in market within three months. As of now, Corning Gorilla Glass is estimated to be applied over 3 billion electronic devices. 

The company does not claim 100% damage free on drops. But, the researchers are on the right direction. Considering the track record and innovations that has been taking place, year 2015 may witness the launch of Gorilla Glass 5 with permanent solution for smart phone users. 


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