Good words act as an effective incentive.

Mother tried in as many was as she could to get Janice to do her homework and other chores around the house, but she was always slow to the task. Even when she would punish her, it did nothing much to persuade her to do anything differently. When mother asked her why she did not listen and do as she said, she would usually be quiet. Mother decided that she would try another method to get her to do as she wanted.



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When Janice came home from school the following day, her mother had some cookies in a jar on the table. She knew that Janice loved cookies, so she told her that as soon as she was through with her homework, she could have one, and when she had helped her with the dishes, she would get another one. Not before long, Janice was before mother with the homework all done. Mother gave her one of the cookies. After dinner, Janice helped mother with the dishes and in so doing, she received another cookie.



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Each day this continued for a while, and everyday mother would have something different that she knew her daughter loved. Janice was very prompt in doing her homework from then on, eager to receive the treats her mother would have lined up for her. Some of the times when mother did not get a chance to buy her something, she would hug and tell her ‘good job’ and that did the trick as well. It got to the point that Janice had developed the habit of doing things for Mother and completing her homework even when there was nothing else to get but Mother’s love and appreciation.



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Incentive is a very good way to get things done. Money need not be the incentive always.  Sometimes, good words act as a more effective incentive.


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