All the good you do will come back to you.

In the poorest part of the city lived a little girl named Tara. Tara seemed like a little angel to everyone that she would meet. She was always friendly and polite and her smile lit up the faces of everyone who witnessed it. Every day she would skip to school, but before she got there she would stop by the homeless shelter and give something to someone different; sometimes she would have an apple, or a slice of cake, or a sandwich. Whatever she was able to spare, she would give.


It didn’t matter to Tara that the other children thought that she was weird. They would call her names such as ‘homeless girl’ and laugh and point at her whenever they would see her there. Tara felt bad when they would tease her, but she never stopped doing her little deeds. Her mother had told her that children who were good were sure to be angels when they die and go to heaven. Tara wanted to go to heaven so she tried to do all the good that she could.


Everyone got so used to seeing Tara everyday skipping by that it was obvious when she didn’t. One day there was no Tara, and everyone wondered where she was. Three days passed and there was no Tara. Some of the persons from school and the shelter went to her home to check on her. When they got there, they were very sad to hear that Tara was ill and had gone to the hospital. She was very sick but her parents did not have enough money to pay the doctor so they sent her back home. They all felt sad to hear this but they felt they must help Tara. They spread the word and soon everyone came with money for her. Soon Tara’s mother had gotten enough money to take her back to see the doctor. The doctor performed surgery and soon Tara returned home.


In the next few weeks she got much better, and in another couple of weeks, the neighbourhood could see Tara skipping by again. They were all very happy to see her, for she made everyone smile.


Always be willing to help others in need and do good every day. Life is a circle, so all the good you do will come back to you.


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