Give your nose the respect it deserves

When you look in the mirror, what is the first thing that you look at? If you are like most persons, then you would probably look at your mouth, or your eyes. The only time that I have ever seen anyone pay attention to their noses is when it is huge so that when they do look, they can’t help but see it. Now, maybe you need to start paying more attention to the organ that makes you smell, for it is quite interesting.


For instance, did you know that your nose continues to grow throughout your lifetime? I bet you didn’t know that (neither did I). What you might know, or be interested in knowing is that the nose has special cells that help us to smell and can protect us from harm by locating dangerous chemicals in the air. The nose has two nostrils and is divided by the nasal septum-if you look, you can see that pink fleshy partition between the two openings (that is the nasal septum). It is made up of cartilage so it is a bit tougher than regular muscle that you would find in your calf or in your biceps (those things that stand out when you flex your arms), but it is also softer than bone, so it is a bit on the in between.




The nasal cavity however is that region inside the head behind the nose that controls a lot that the nose does. It allows the air passing through to perfectly match your body temperature and removes any dust and particles with the help of short hairs located on the inside.




The nose may seem a bit boring just sitting there in the centre of your face, but it is quite interesting. There is something I have discovered that may not be 100% scientific, but when you are unable to smell, it throws off your sense of taste. How many times have you ever tried to swallow medicine and pinch your nose before you do? You do that so you do not taste the medicine when it goes down. Sure you will still taste it afterwards because some of it is still left on your tongue, but at the moment, when you could not smell, you could not taste properly either.


Your nasal passage leads to your throat! Bet some of you didn’t know that either. This is why when someone undergoes surgery and is unable to chew food, or use some sort of IV, they are fed via tubes through their noses. Give your nose the respect it deserves. It is a hard working organ that does not get as much appreciation. The next time you look in the mirror, have a look at your nose.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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