Garlic and the magical powers

Garlic, the herb, is a powerhouse of magical strengths. Surprised? Just read on and decide by yourself.



Garlic has been in use since ancient times as an ingredient of food. Apart from adding a powerful smell and a pungent taste to dishes, it has got immense medicinal properties too. 

Garlic: Earlier beliefs and uses

•    Roman soldiers believed that it helped to become courageous and stronger. It was an ingredient of their regular food. 
•    Garlic was consumed as a preventive against plague, in the middle ages. 
•    It was worn on the body to ward off evils!!!

Garlic: Medicinal powers

Medicinal powers of garlic has been discovered recently only. 
•    It has antiseptic properties and used for curing intestinal disorders.
•    It helps in controlling high blood pressure
•    It is an effective remedy for heart ailments and cough
•    The juice of garlic is applied on the skin as a cure against insect bites and stings.
•    Garlic syrup is taken to cure cold.
•    Prevents formation of clots in the body.
•    It is used to relieve toothaches.
•    It regulates formation of fat cells and controls body weight. 
•    Garlic in the soil around peach trees, help the gardeners to discourage borer from harming the trees.  

Garlic: The source of powers

•    The bulb of garlic contains an antibiotic called allium
•    It contains compounds of sulphur which gives the pungent smell. These compounds dilate blood vessels and controls blood pressure. 
•    Garlic is a source of selenium and 
•    It is source of allicin which has antibacterial and anti-viral capabilities. It reduces arterial plaque formation.  
•    It is a source of the chemical ajoene used to treat fungal infections. 
•    It contains diallyl sulphide and thiacremonone which is the reason for the anti-arthritic property.
•    Garlic contains allyl sulphide with anti-cancer properties. 

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Garlic: In general 

Though a native of Europe and Asia, Garlic plant  grows in Italy and southern France too. Garlic produces two types of bulbs or bulbets
•    Ariel bulbets produced on flower stalk are used as seeds to new plants. 
•    Cloves, the underground bulbs are sold in shops. It resemble onions. 


One blub encloses up to 20 bulbets. Garlic has about 0.1% of essential oil which contains diallyl disulphide, diallyl trisulfide, diallyl propyl disulfide. 

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