Follow the instincts and make right decisions.

Samantha was almost sixteen years old, and her parents were beginning to get worried about her; she had become friends with some girls from the neighbourhood that were considered ‘bad’. Her parents had raised her to be honest and kind and to exercise all the proper values they had taught her. However, they were aware that they weren’t always where Samantha was, so they could not guard her all the time.


instincts 1


They were to attend a convention the following weekend, so Mother asked her sister to come over and ‘babysit’ Samantha while they were away. They prayed together before they left, and trusted that all would be well while they were away. Samantha was very happy that her parents had gone, and she would now have some freedom, but her aunt turned out to be worse than she had expected; she was not allowed to do anything. Later that night, the girls had planned to go to the movies. Samantha asked her aunt and she told her that she could go as long as she came home straight after, and to keep her phone on.


Samantha met the girls in the evening and they went to see a movie. After the movie they wanted to go to a party a few blocks down the road. Samantha didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to feel like an outsider either, so she tagged along. Along the way, they kept being noisy and making fun of people and seemed to be getting out of hand so that by the time they got to the party, Samantha was feeling more like returning home. They laughed at her and called her a baby, and she was forced to walk for most of the way home. On the way her aunt called her, worried that she hadn’t come home as yet. When she told her what happened, she got in the car and met her along the way.


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Later on in the night, she got a phone call from one of the girls; there was a lot of noises at the party and some neighbours called the police. Most of them had to stay the night in jail, but she was lucky that her parents had come for her. Samantha was happy that she had followed her instincts and gone home after all.


Children will not always do as they are told right away; but teach them the things that they ought to know, and trust them afterwards to make the right decisions.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart, the complete site for children.

Bring out the leader in children by making them inquire, innovate and be creative.


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