Finish what you start, else do not start.

Do not start something that you are not willing to finish,

And do not also leave a trail of unfinished works,

For they speak very loudly about your character.





If you are not able to finish anything,

Not only will it be futile to start anything for yourself,

You also discourage others from starting anything with you.



Just imagine the world we would live in,

If we all never finished anything-

All the unfinished stories, movies, discoveries,

All the unfinished lives!





Start writing your story,

And do not stop until it is complete!

By  Kerry Ann Stewart, the complete site for children.

Bring out the leader in children by making them inquire, innovate and be creative.


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Are you a success? Do you want to be Messi?

Live an honest life, and reap the rewards with goodness!

You are wholesome;accept yourself.

Dressing the chicken

Speed of the boat in still water.


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