What you find funny could be serious for another.

It seemed like an impossible task to keep Junior to stand still; he was always bouncing all over the place, and most times this bouncing would get him into trouble. On top of that, he was always pulling pranks on others. They were oftentimes meaningless and not dangerous, just mostly annoying.


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One day the kids from the neighbourhood made a go-cart that they used to ride through the neighbourhood or they would race downhill. This go-cart could not be driven, so some of the kids would sit on the flat surface while some others would proceed to push the cart, and they would take turns doing that. What Junior would do some of the times is wait until no one was looking and then step out in front of the cart. When he did this, because the cart was moving quickly, the boys would have to make a sudden turn and the cart would sometimes turn over.


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He would laugh whenever this happened, but the other boys did not find this funny at all. Whenever the cart fell, and the boys tumbled off, they would get bruised. Junior did not  think this was at all serious so he did not  stop. He kept jumping in the way, or sneaking behind the cart and pushing it downhill at an alarming speed, much to the fright of  the boys sitting on the cart. Because of this, some of the boys stopped playing. Junior finally did when he pushed the cart so hard one of the boys fell out and injured himself. He cut his foot and blood was rushing out. Someone had to call his Mother to get it bandaged.


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They did not play with Junior much after that, and he could not  blame them either.


What you find to be funny could very well be serious for another.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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