Fear is a virus that lives in the mind-Think,Act and Win

Fear is a virus that lives in the mind,

And it dictates what you can and cannot do;

It tells you not to go in the dark,

And to avoid strange new things.


 fear 4


Fear is but a reaction that is learnt,

And it can only rule those who obey its command.


It tells you to avoid risks for fear of failure,

But that very action that could causes failure, 

Could lead to success as well;

You will never know unless you try.


Do not be afraid to take risks,

Because this is the only way new discoveries will be made.


Needless to say, taking risks does not mean being careless;

Think about the opportunities that present themselves,

And make an informed decision,

But do not be afraid to make a move,

Because fear will always be making a move on you!

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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Being unnecessarily over smart may lead to trouble.

Learn to make decisions.

Don’t let your thoughts, desires and fears rule your life.

Those who care make a difference in life.

Real friends are prized possessions.



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