FEAR is Face Everything And Rise

A magnet does not require introduction. Fear is like a magnet. If you are afraid that something will happen to you and you get obsessed about it happening, you are effectively invoking it to happen.


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We begin to visualize that what we fear might happen or how it might happen, which terrifies us and it closes us into a phobia and a state of fear and ultimately invoking it to happen, because the power of the mind and visualization is very great. And we are invoking the robbery, the accident or the loss by visualizing it. Fear of rejection produces rejection. That does not mean to say that we should not take the necessary precautions. But when precaution is confused with fear, it is not a healthy precaution.


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According to Buddhism, there is unhealthy fear and healthy fear.  When we are afraid of something that cannot actually harm us – such as spiders –then our fear is unhealthy.  It  make us unhappy and paralyse our will. On the other hand, when someone gives up smoking because of fear of  developing lung cancer, this is a healthy fear because the danger is real.


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A bird sitting on a branch of a tree doesn`t get frightened by its shaking..
Because the bird trusts not the branch.. but its wings..

…Have faith in your abilities


So next time when you fear, choose between –
Forget Everything And Run or
Face Everything And Rise..!


And do you know, positive thoughts and desires do turn things happen positively. The choice is yours!



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