Faith: The ignition for the journey to success.

You are now ready for the grand take off to success propelled by your ambition. You have enough determination and sufficient stock of resources. You have also decided to traverse the success path in a disciplined manner.


Then why is the delay for takeoff?  Why the hesitation?  


Each engine requires ignition to start working. Faith is the ignition for the journey to success. Have faith in own abilities and in the God, the creator.  If we keep the faith burning throughout the journey, nothing can prevent us from reaching our goals.  


Have faith in yourself:



faith 3


The journey to success is with lot of twists and turns. There could be setbacks, there could be events beyond your control. Faith in one’s own abilities is the that helps one to face life with all its challenges. A person who does not know bitterness cannot enjoy sweetness. So is life. Only those who have tasted failures can only enjoy the true taste of success.


If you have faith in your talents and abilities and realize your true potential nothing can prevent you from reaching your goals. Inferiority complex and fear are two factors that erodes faith. Free your minds from these feelings. Inferiority complex arises from comparison of your talents with that of others. You must realize that each person is a unique creation of God. Those who fail to find out own potential try to emulate others. Instead of blindly following other persons, you should unleash your hidden potential and create own space.  A thorough introspection can help you to identify your potential. You may also seek the guidance of other members of the family , close friends and teachers.


Fear is a bad companion following you day and night. You give him enough power so that he ultimately becomes your master. It is a creation of your own mind and  thinking. It controls  you from within  and not from outside. Lack of confidence and courage to face the challenges of life strengthens the enemy. The only way to come out of the clutches of this companion is by building up self confidence. This can be done by identifying and strengthening one own potentials. And also one must accept life as a challenge to be faced and won.


Have faith in God, the creator.



faith 2


We have seen that we are created for a purpose and that  a successful life based on values is the reward that we can provide to our creator.  Whether the role of God is over once you are created?




God is the power that created you and takes care of you throughout your life. He is always with you protecting and guiding you. He carries you on his shoulder when you are in difficulty. To extract the support of God for our journey, we must believe and trust in his goodness. Our life should move on based on the strong conviction that if God has created me, he will stay with me all through my journey. Prayers are the way to interact with God. Every good thought is a prayer. Every good deed is also a prayer. Let our journey be filled with full of prayers.


We have so far realized :


Life is a long journey.

Planning is essential for success.

Ambition is the driving force that leads to success.

We must seek the company of our creator for the journey.


Now, the hard work begins.

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