Failing is a reason to keep trying- Thought 4 Children

Colin loved to go to the skating ring. He would watch all the other children and grown-ups too skate around on the ice. He would love to be able to jump and twirl like he saw them doing, but he never tried. His mother realised how much he loved watching others skate, so she figured she would get him a pair of roller blades. They were not to be used on the ice, but at least he could get some practise.



He was surprised when the following Saturday his mother brought him the roller blades. He was very excited, but nervous at the same time. He immediately took them and strapped them onto his feet. He stood up by the pavement and held onto the wall. Every time that he would try and let go, his legs would start moving and he would skitter to the ground. He would get back up, and the same thing would keep happening. He fell so many times he had bruises and sore spots all over. Finally he gave up. Maybe he would try another time. For a week Colin would try to skate, and he would keep falling. One day his mother saw him throw down the skates. He told her he didn’t want them, and it was too hard to do.



keep trying 2


But the very next day he was trying again, until finally he could go a little way before falling. He figured out how he could keep rolling and not fall and one morning his mother was very surprised when she saw him skating all along the pavement. She smiled, because she knew that he would never stop until he got it right. He was a very determined child and she loved that about him. When he saw her looking he rolled up to her and threw his hands around, all the while shouting that he finally did it.



keep trying



Failing at something is a reason to keep trying. If at first you do not succeed, keep trying.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart




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