Extend help without expecting anything in return.

Solomon always fancied himself a hero, helping others whenever he got the chance. He has never expected anything in return, but there have been times when strangers have been kind enough to show their gratitude with a gift, or some change. Solomon did not work, so he would gratefully accept these gifts and smile, but he was always willing to help regardless.


help 6


One day Solomon happened to be walking by a pond when he heard the cry of someone in trouble. He decided to check and see who might be in trouble this time. As he got closer he saw who it was, and it just so happened that he had caught his foot in some stones close to the bank. Solomon was astonished when he realised who it was, for this man never did anything for anyone. Besides his better judgement, Solomon told the man that he would help him out, if he would give him a hand with a fence he needed painting. The man seemed to be in pain, and when Solomon looked closer, it seemed to be swollen.


help 8


“Please Solomon, I promise to help you tomorrow, just help me get out of these rocks before night fall.”


help 7


Solomon, his heart beginning to grow soft, agreed to help him out.  He knelt down and gently eased the man’s leg from between the rocks and set him free. He thanked Solomon graciously, all the while promising to come to his house in the morning.


help 9


Solomon did not see him the following morning, or any other morning for a week. When he eventually ran into him again, he told him that he had gotten busy and had forgotten about it. Solomon did not say a word. The very next day, some other passersby saw Solomon painting the fence all alone, and because he had helped them out so many times, they decided to help him. Solomon was glad for the help for he was growing tired. He never saw the man much after that, but as was Solomon’s nature to help, his was the opposite. He would help him again if he ever fell into trouble, but only because he would need it.


Never let a single person prevent you from helping another, and never trust a person’s promise to help when they are in trouble. Chances are they only need the help and will say anything to win it.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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