Everyone is different;And the beauty of life is variety

Everyone is different,

So it would be unfair to treat all,

As if they are one!


variety 1

Remember that the essence of life is variety,

It adds colour to the grey fabric of existence.


variety 4


Just imagine, what would the world would be like,

If we all liked the colour blue,

Or if we only liked to work, or play,

If we only drank coffee and not tea?

We have to not only recognise,

But to appreciate that we are all different,

So don’t treat us all the same,

For we are all different,

You and I!


By  YesJay


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Let your decision be a balanced one always.

You can be a coward too, sometimes.

The world is full of judges, who dread judgement.

In the days of plenty, remember to save for future.

Choose the battles with just causes for a fight.



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