Even years of togetherness may not make a real friend.

Simon had a friend from he was a toddler that was very dear to him and even though they were much older now, they did most things together still. They would meet by the tracks and walk to school together and they would also travel home the same way. They did not go to the same school so they would meet by the same old oak tree every day. Sometimes after school they would walk by the toy store and Simon would always be looking at a racing model toy car that he would always dream of getting. He tried to save up the money, but he just couldn’t get to that much. He asked his parents but they weren’t able to help him. Simon was afraid that by the time he had enough money, he someone else would buy the toy car.


real friends


Peter however had much more money than Simon did because his parents owned a business. One day when they were standing in the shop, he asked Peter if he could loan him the money to buy the car. Peter told him that his parents had not given him his allowance as yet so he didn’t have as much money. The store owner was close by, watching the boys and heard their conversation but he did not say anything. He knew how badly Simon wanted the car, and it was not a model he could get any more of.


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The following Saturday, Simon was passing the store with his parents as they went into town. He noticed that the car was no longer in the window. He rushed inside and asked the store owner if someone had bought it. He told him that the day after they left the store, Peter came back with the money, wanting to buy the car. He told him that someone else had paid for it so it was no longer available when all he really did was take it off the shelf. He was saving it for Simon.


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Simon was very happy that the car was still there and the store owner asked his parent’s permission for him to assist him in the store in the evenings until he could pay for the toy car. They agreed and Simon beamed all the way home, even though he was disappointed at what Peter tried to do to him.


Simply knowing someone for years doesn’t make them your real friend. A real friend will always be there, no matter what, and no matter how long. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


By  YesJay


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Know where you are going;else you may get lost.

Even failure is victory, if the lesson is learnt.

Be prepared for disappointments too.

Always think of the less fortunate people than you.

Never burn bridges; you may need it again.


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