Even failure is victory, if the lesson is learnt.

Sandy was possibly one of the most negative persons in the entire classroom. She never seemed to be willing to try and do anything, but always told herself that it could not be done. No matter how the teacher asked her to, she would hang her head and sometimes cry because she believed she could not accomplish the task.


victory 1


Now Sandy did not like to read out aloud because she did not know all the words in the reading book. Every Monday morning the teacher would call on several of the students to stand in front of the class and read a passage. This always made Sandy nervous and she dreaded the day when she would be called upon to read. She was afraid some of the other children would laugh at her if she stumbled, and she thought some of the words were too big for her and she would never be able to read it at all.


victory 2


This very Monday happened to be the day the teacher chose Sandy to read. Sandy slowly got up, heart beating rapidly and headed to the front of the class. She looked at the entire class staring back at her, and then she looked at the teacher. She told her to start reading and it took Sandy twice as long as everyone else to read the passage mainly because she kept stopping deliberately. The teacher realised that it was not that she could not read, but that she was shy too.


victory 4


The teacher stayed behind several evenings after school and helped Sandy to read properly.  The days rolled by and soon Sandy was reading so well she was even asking to be chosen to read. The teacher smiled then and told her that she could have done it all along.


Never tell yourself that you cannot unless you have tried and failed over and over again. Even in failure, there is still victory in the lesson learnt.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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