Earn for your toys.

There was a toy store in the middle of town that all the kids loved to visit. The ones who were able to afford toys would often buy them, and for those who couldn’t, all they could do was look and dream. Anya was one such child who could not afford to buy the pretty dolls and doll houses she loved so much. Whenever she asked her parents, they told her that they did not have that much money, and that the only time they could try and give her a gift would be on her birthday. Anya’s birthday was only a few months past, so she would have to wait almost an entire year to get what she wanted. Even then, she wasn’t sure she would get what she wanted.




On this particular day Anya walked by the store and saw this lovely pink and white doll house with accessories for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. She went inside and opened the doors and admired the doll house. A store assistant walked over and asked her if she needed some help. She asked her how much it was for the dollhouse. She told her ten dollars, which was too much for her to buy it on her own. She asked the assistant is she could earn the money by doing odd jobs around the store. The assistant thought about it and asked the manager. They sent home a letter to her parents requesting permission for her to assist in the store. Her parents agreed that she could once she did well in school and proved she could handle it.




Every day after school Anya would fetch items from across the street, mop the floor and tidy the toys on the shelves. All the while she kept the doll house in her sight and hoped no one would come for it. Finally the day came when Anya had earned enough money to buy the doll house. She went to the assistant and told her she would like to purchase it now. Anya gave her the money and she wrapped up the doll house for her. Anya was very proud and skipped all the way home that day. She treasured the doll house even more because she had earned it.


She still went back to the store to help out after school, and she was able to buy almost everything that she wanted.


Always work hard for what you want and keep your eyes on the prize. It will take a little time sometimes, but the pride that comes at the end will be worth the wait.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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