The drive called motivation; be self driven always.

What drives you to act? Is it your teacher, or your parents? Have you ever stopped to think, what would you do if there was no one around to tell you what to do? That may be a bit extreme, because there will always be others around you could ask, but not everyone will be as interested in your welfare as others closer to you. That is why it is important that you learn how to drive yourself to do and accomplish things, even when there is no one there pushing you; this drive is called motivation.




There are many persons who cannot do anything unless they are told to (external motivation). What this also means is that they will never be able to accomplish anything for themselves because they are always acting on the words and wishes of others. What would you like to do? Would you not like to get on it right away? Mother need not tell you the dishes need washing for you to start washing them, in just the same way she doesn’t need to tell you to start eating, but you do anyway. We should all be motivated to act as much as we all like to eat.




There is an inner energy, a fire, that we all share, and while others blaze constantly, some refuse to be lit. Fuel that energy and drive, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. There is a great pride that will be felt to know that you started a task under your own terms, and you saw it to the end; it is not as fulfilling when you are just carrying out the wishes of others. Mother would feel so happy that you took it upon yourself to wash the dishes, or do other chores without being told to, and you will feel happy that you made Mother happy. Who knows? Sometimes there are treats available after a task is completed, and it doesn’t have to be gifts or money or anything material. It could just be that warm glow inside both yourself and any other you have pleased in kind.


Get motivated to act, and then act. Let not yourself be driven by the words and thoughts of others. You have your own dreams and ambitions that can only be fulfilled by hard work and commitment. Without internal motivation (motivation that comes from inside), you will just be living someone else’s life, not realising it isn’t your own. Look inside and discover the fire that burns and then use it to conquer your demons and get to walking the path laid down for you. Remain self driven always. 

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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