Don’t mix bad moods with words or actions.

Josie had a hot temper that did not seem capable of cooling. She would fly into a rage any time anyone would mention anything to her that she did not like, or if someone did something, she did not approve of. Mother told her that her temper would get her into trouble one day because she did not stop to think when she was angry.


mood 1


On the way to school one morning, some boys were running past her and bounced her on the shoulder causing her bag to fall. She looked up to say something to them but they were already too far-gone. She suddenly developed a sour mood and for the rest of the morning she was bad company. Anyone who tried to speak with her was chased away.


One of her friends who would always sit with her came over to her and offered to stay by her. She looked at him and shoved him, telling him that she did not need his company and she was fine-as far as she was concerned, he could go eat elsewhere. She was not in the mood for company, so Tim took up his things and went to sit with some other students.



mood 2


As the day wore on, she began to feel terribly for the way she had acted, just because she had experienced something awful from in the morning. She tried to talk to Tim, but he was not interested. He told her she was not a nice person and he didn’t want to be her friend any more. She walked away, feeling sad, and as much as she tried, and even though Tim would speak to her at times, she lost a valuable friend because of a bad moment.


Do not mix bad moods with bad words or actions; moods can always change, but actions and words cannot be reversed once they are said or done.

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Sometimes it is best to take the advice of others.

Bad habits may land you in trouble.

Kindness is a good virtue, but please keep a limit.

Even years of togetherness may not make a real friend.

Know where you are going;else you may get lost.



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