Don’t fall into the trap of losing your goodness.

While it is always noble to be helpful,

To show consideration and care for our fellow humans,

There comes a time when you have to assess,

Whether the persons in need are genuinely so,

Or if they only exist to abuse the kindness.


trap 2


There are deceitful persons out there,

Who seek to cut down everything beautiful,

By corrupting it.



trap 1


Don’t fall into the trap of losing your goodness,

Because you have been tricked a time or two.


trap 4


Just weigh the odds in the future,

And then proceed from there.

You can be helpful, kind and good,

Without being a fool about it!

By  YesJay


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Listen to the counsel of elders.

Whatever you do to another, expect a similar reaction.

It is best to trust the good you already know.

Extend help without expecting anything in return.

Never skip school;whatever be the short term challenges



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