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Everyone seemed to like Tina simply because she was so helpful, kind and considerate. She never tired of helping anyone, young or old, big or small. Often, some persons would take advantage of her kindness by asking her to do things they could have easily done for themselves. But she always did them anyway, just because of the person she was. She never asked for anything in return, and even some  times when they would offer her goodies and treats to repay her for her kindness she would refuse. She just wanted to be good for goodness sake.



goodness 2



One day as she was going home from school, she had to pass by the local grocery store. The owner called to her and asked her if she could take a basket of food to an elderly lady down the road; she was very ill so she could not come for them herself. Jamie saw no harm in this, so she took the basket and went to the house along the lane. When she got there, she knocked on the door and a weak voice told her to come in. When she did she saw this very old lady sitting on the sofa wrapped in a shawl. She thanked Jamie for taking the things for her; she had no one she could have asked. She then asked her if she could pour her some milk, and after she had done that, she wanted her to stay and chat for a while because she was lonely. Jamie knew that it was getting late and she had to be home before long or her Mother would get worried about her. She stayed for a little while, and then apologised to the old lady, telling her she had to go home now. The old lad thanked her again and Jamie left.



goodness 1



By the time Jamie got to her gate, someone else called her, asking her to run an errand for them. They begged her, telling her that it wouldn’t take long. Jamie thought about the time and told the woman she wished she could help, but she had to get home now for she was already too late. When she got home her Mother was already on the front porch looking out for her. She told her what happened and why she was late. Mother was happy her daughter was so helpful, but she told her to be careful next time. She could not help everyone all the time.



It is always good to help others, but one must be smart about it. Not everyone who asks you a favour mean you any good. Sometimes people take advantage of the goodness of others. It is alright to say no sometimes.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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