Disobedience often leads to dishonesty.

Leela loved to eat sweets. Whenever she went to any parties she would always head straight for the cookies, cakes and ice cream. Her mother always warned her that if she had too many sweets, they would make her stomach hurt plus rot her teeth. Leela never listened to mother, especially because she has never had a tummy ache in all the time she has been eating sweets.


dishonesty 1


One day Leela got an invitation to a party. She was so excited because she would get the chance to dress up and have fun, and most of all have cake and sweets. As the time for the party got nearer, she got even more excited. Her mother saw all of this and told her not to take many sweets. Leela promised her mother that she wouldn’t have as much this time and skipped off to the party.


When she got there, she couldn’t help herself and went straight to the table where the sweets were all laid out. She told herself that she would only take one. That one quickly turned into two, then three, until before you knew it, she had taken almost six. She looked across and saw the cake being served and thought she would have some of that too. She had two slices of cake as well as the sweets. By this time, Leela could feel a rumbling in her tummy. She bent over because she wasn’t feeling too well. She went into a corner and sat down, holding her tummy. It was beginning to hurt.


Just then Mother came to get her. She saw that something was wrong and asked her about it. Leela lied and told her mother she was feeling alright because she didn’t want to tell her about the sweets. When they got home, Mother walked away from Leela and went to cook. Leela could not eat dinner for she was feeling much too ill now. She had to tell Mother.


dishonesty 2


Mother told her she was very disappointed that she didn’t listen. Then she gave her some medicine which made Leela feel much better. She promised herself from then that she would always listen to Mother now, because Mother knows best.


Disobedience always has negative results, and leads to more dishonesty. It may start off feeling good at first, but eventually it is going to need a cure when it all goes bad.


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