Devices used by pilots to control an airplane.

Flying is definitely more demanding than driving. In order to fly a plane, a pilot uses various devices that are inside the cockpit of the airplane. An airplane has an autopilot system that can automatically maintain proper speed and correct path. But still during take-off, climb, descent and landing, a pilot has to concentrate more to ensure he is on the right track.

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There is a throttle which is a device which controls the flow of fuel or power to the engine. Pushing the throttle increases power and pulling it decreases power. 


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A plane can experience movement along its front-back axis, side-side axis and vertical axis. Rotation along these axes is called roll, pitch and yaw respectively. There are three important parts – ailerons (to roll), rudder (to yaw) and elevator (to pitch) that allow the plane to fly in along these axes. There are levers and buttons that the pilot can push to change the yaw, pitch and roll of the plane.

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When one wing tip moves up and another wing tip moves down, a rolling motion gets generated for the airplane. To accomplish this, small hinged sections called ailerons are fixed on the outboard portion of a wing. When the flight path is curved, the left or right aileron is raised or lowered by the pilot with a control wheel. Turning the control wheel clockwise raises the right aileron and lowers the left aileron, which rolls the aircraft to the right. The pilot usually uses the rudder pedals along with the ailerons to turn the airplane. A rudder pushes the tail of an airplane in the left or right direction. When the rudder is turned to one side, the airplane moves left or right. The airplane's nose is pointed in the same direction as the direction of the rudder.

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There are elevators which are on the tail section of the airplane. Raising or lowering these elevators using control wheel allows the plane to go up or down.


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