Deliver commitments; avoid consequences- Thought 4 Children

Mother was always having problems with Margaret; she never did as she was told. Most of the times when she would call her and ask her to do a chore, or to put away her things, or even to get something for her at the local shop, she would pretend as if she was going, and would then go and do something else. Mother would always think she was busy at the chores, but when she would go and check, she would realise that nothing had been done. She would have to stand by her to make sure that she did anything at all, and Mother did not have the time to do that. She also did not plan on doing everything at home so Margaret would just have to learn to do as she was told.






One day mother was feeling ill; she had a headache that would not  go away. She needed some aspirin, so she wrote it on a piece of paper and gave it to Margaret to take to the pharmacy for her. She told her to hurry back because she needed it right away. Margaret promised that she would, but along the way she saw some of her friends and she stopped to play. After that, she saw some other friends going to the park and went with them. She was having so much fun she totally forgot about Mother. It wasn’t until long after that she remembered and ran all the way to the pharmacy. By this time she had lost the piece of paper, but she had remembered her Mother had a headache so she told that to the Pharmacist. He gave her some aspirin and she ran home with it as fast as she could. When she got there, Father had come home and they were getting ready to take Mother to the hospital. She had gotten worse because she had not  taken the aspirin. Margaret began to cry because she knew it was partially her fault. Father told her that she would be grounded for two weeks, so she could go nowhere, and now that Mother was ill, she would have to do everything herself.



consequence 2



Margaret felt sad that she had not  done what Mother asked, and now she was getting worse. She did not think she was that sick, so she had some time to play. She decided she would always listen to Mother now, even though it would be hard sometimes.



When others are depending on you to do something, or if you have committed yourself to doing something, make sure it is done. Others rely on you and trust you; there could be harsh consequences if you are not able to keep your word.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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