Dare to question

The teacher, and all the other children in the class, looked around so they could see who had asked that question; it was Pradeep again. They groaned because he was always asking questions, even when the teacher was sure he had made the topic clear.

“Yes Pradeep,” the teacher answered.

“How many times did you say that the earth revolves around the sun?” Pradeep asked.

“Only once every three hundred and sixty five days Pradeep. It takes a whole calendar year for the earth to do that. That is what we call a revolution,” responded the teacher. “Do you have any other questions Pradeep?”

“No Sir,” he said, and then wrote the answer down in his note book.

Everyone else in the class was very happy that Pradeep did not have any more questions. That last question made about twenty that he had asked since the class began an hour ago.


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Pradeep knew that the other children did not like when he asked so many questions. He was not as brilliant as some of the other children were. He was what you would call a slow learner, so he made sure that he understood everything that was said, even if it meant asking twenty questions in every class. The teacher became tired as well of all the questions, but he tried to be patient because he realised Pradeep was not as quick to understand as some of the other students.

At the end of the term the teacher gave all the students a test to see how well they had learned over the period.  Pradeep was very nervous, but he had studied hard and he was ready to do his best. When the test was over, and the teacher had marked all the papers, he called the names of the students and handed them their test papers. Pradeep got the highest grade in the class and everyone was amazed at this. Pradeep smiled because he was very proud of himself. He may not have been the smartest of all the students, but he had come out on top anyway.

He beamed all the way home.

Never be ashamed to ask questions if you don’t know. It is the only way to find out the answer to anything.  It is not the mind that knows everything that will create change, but the mind that always wants to find things out.

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Dare to question
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Dare to question
Never be ashamed to ask questions if you don’t know. It is the only way to find out the

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