Confidence and Overconfidence: Over is often dangerous.

Confidence is the ability to react to the problems of life with proper understanding and reasoning. Confidence in simple words is the faith in one’s own abilities.  It is a personal trait that makes your presence felt in a group and turns even adverse situations in your favour. The quality takes you to the seat of the leader.

The difference between confidence and over confidence is only four letters. But, over, the four letters often lead to failure. Over confidence prompts to foolish decision with more confidence!!. Arrogance is often a form of overconfidence. As we need to focus only on the positive quality, let us think about confidence.

Confidence gives strength to accept own mistakes.

Confident people are also humans and what make them different is their ability to take suitable decisions. They know how to tackle a difficult situation and choose the best option to succeed. They never exhibit wavering nature in their decision making. We need to remember that confident decisions can also fail. But, confident people are ready to accept the mistake, rework, take corrective steps, learn from the mistake and emerge as winners at the end.

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Confidence develpes diplomacy.

Remember, diplomacy is the way of putting forward a contradictory view without hurting the ego of others. It is the best quality of successful negotiators.  The words and actions of confident persons come from their knowledge, past experiences and observations. Decision making is the selection of best option from varied options. It is possible to have heated arguments and fighting among members of a team on selection of the possible course of action. Confidence makes a person to put forward valid arguments and suggestions in diplomatic manner which become acceptable for other members too.


Confidence ensures your progress.

Confidence in own abilities and talents make a person to face challenges with a smile. Confident people are always  pleasant sources of solutions. Positive energy emanates from them and their presence makes a positive impact on others. A leader is a person who influences the thinking of others. The ability to influence others leads to own success and progress. The leader always ensures benefits to the entire team through unbiased and mature decisions.


Confidence ensures effective utilization of talents.

Confidence prompts a person to control emotions and apply the talents and knowledge in a better way. Emotion leads to momentary decisions and actions. Confidence leads to evaluation of reasons and results. A confident person thus succeeds in taking the best suitable course of action wherein his own talents and that of the entire team is utilized at optimum level. This results in automatic development of all the members of the team. More trust on the leader is the end result.


Ways to acquire and express confidence:

Stay up to date. Acquire knowledge on continuous basis and expand  horizons.

·        Show interest in the views of superiors and subordinates. Be a patient listener always.

·        Keep time.

·        Control emotions; focus on issues, options and results.

·        Frame opinions based on past experiences and learning.

·        Take responsibility for the outcome.

·        Be frank in admitting mistakes. Take corrective measures whenever warranted.

·        Proper dressing suitable for the occasion.

·        Wear genuine smile.

·        Proper eye contact with the person on the other side.

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Confidence is the ability to react to the problems of life with proper understanding and reasoning. Confidence in simple words is the faith in one’s own abilities

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