Common cold: Basics ought to be understood

Common cold is one nasty infection that occurs in children and adults. Yet there has not been any specific treatment that can shorten the attacks of common colds and influenza. The worst victims being young children especially those living in polluted environments.



common cold



Colds and their sister diseases are caused by a class of viruses called rhinoviruses. It all starts with a slight sore throat, then headaches and finally watery discharge from the nose or severe coughs from the lungs. The cold virus is very tiny, only 1/300th the size of average bacterium. In the laboratory, this virus could be deep frozen, stored for years and they would still be able to produce colds. 

The Lungs: Basics we ought to know.



When the nasal discharges thicken and become yellowish, this is a sign that bacteria (that is always present in the nose and throat) have taken over the fertile ground prepared by the virus – the raw, swollen mucous membrane. The mucus membranes are designed to catch and rid the body of invaders such as bacteria, dust, pollen, and viruses. While they are successful in many cases, they can become bogged down with these viruses and become infected. The parts of the body that are capable of producing mucus include the nasal cavities, mouth, throat, eyes, vagina, lungs, and intestines. 

Different classes of levers in everyday life.


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Certain circumstances are thought to lead to colds if the virus is waiting to attack the nose. These include exposure to wet, to sudden chilling and draughts, volatile irritants and dust, as well as fatigue. They should be guarded against or neutralized by rest, and warmth. The immune system of our body takes its own time to fight the virus and free us from infection.

Eyes and vision : Basics ought to be known.



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