Phishing: Basics Ought To Be Known

Phishing is a way of fraudulently acquiring vital information such as usernames, passwords and details of credit debit card, by sending e-mails or over phone by creating an impression that it is from regulators, authentic organizations or individuals.  How is phishing carried out? Phishing is usually carried out through hoax emails (with fake sender addresses),

Brexit and implications- Basics ought to be known

As June 23,2016 is approaching, media is getting filled with news on Brexit.  Brexit stands for the two words “British Exit” indicating the chances that Britain may withdraw from European Union ( EU). To decide on Brexit, Britain is holding a referendum on in-out from EU membership on June 23, 2016.  What is meant by

Monsoon-Basics That Should Be Known

Monsoon results in rain and hence the term monsoon often refers to a rainy season. Monsoon is in fact a shift in wind direction that causes a marked change in local weather conditions and results in rain. What causes monsoon? The imbalances in atmospheric pressures between two locations results in winds. The pressure imbalance is

Minerals: Sources And Roles In The Functioning of Body

Vitamins and minerals are two important words made familiar by advertisers promoting heath drinks and foods aimed at kids. Our body requires only tiny quantities of vitamins and minerals. Hence they are called micro nutrients. But both act as a team and play major roles in various functions of the body.     When we

Garlic and the magical powers

Garlic, the herb, is a powerhouse of magical strengths. Surprised? Just read on and decide by yourself.   Garlic has been in use since ancient times as an ingredient of food. Apart from adding a powerful smell and a pungent taste to dishes, it has got immense medicinal properties too.  Garlic: Earlier beliefs and uses

Antibiotics: Must be known features

Antibiotics: An introduction Antibiotics play a vital role in present day medical treatments. An antibiotic eliminates or slows down the growth or bacteria and some other disease causing micro-organisms. Thus, it helps the body to fight against certain diseases.     Antibiotics: Origin of the word The word ‘antibiotics’ is derived from ‘antibiosis’.  The meaning of ‘anti’

World Wars: The Reasons and the Powers Behind the Wars.

When terrorist attacks and war like situations are recurring in many parts of the globe, it is pertinent to point out that the love for power and control leads only to destruction and sufferings.  The two World Wars are classic examples.       War is a violent fight between two or more nations. When