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YouBionic 3D Printed Hand

YouBionic is an Italian start-up in ‘augmented human’ field.  It has launched a double-hand prosthetic to give human beings two extra hands.  The device is named as ‘Hand’. The 3D printed Hand can be strapped onto your own hand. According to the company, they have introduced a product that the world has not seen so

Green Building and LEED Certification

Green Building means application of environmentally responsible process throughout the life cycle of a building. LEED is the most widely used rating system for such processes.  What is Green Building?  Green building is a concept that brings together various best practices, processes, skills and talents to reduce and eliminate the impacts of structures on environment

Hacking and Ethical Hacking

Hacking and cyberattacks costs organizations across the world millions of dollars every year. Information and data are most valuable assets of an organization in digital era.  Keeping information secure and safe is essential for an organization to protect the image and prevent losses from legal actions. With the technology boom, cyberattacks also increased. Organizations engage

Cyber security strategies to safeguard from cyberattacks

The complexity, severity and frequency of cyberattacks are increasing day by day. In a digital world, cybersecurity is the key to safeguarding data and information, the most precious assets of an organization.  From once in a while phishing mail, cyberattack has migrated to frequent ransomware attacks. This has compelled organizations to spend time and resources

Different types of cyberattacks

Safeguarding the organization from cyberattacks has become a major focal point of databased organizations world over. Almost all organizations, irrespective of their field of operations, are depended on data of one nature or other. Banking and financial institutions are major preys of cyberattacks because of the sensitivity of data being maintained by them. Cyber attackers