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SpaceX – Space Exploration Technologies Corporation

What is the latest achievement of SpaceX? SpaceX aims to create history by launching its first recycled rocket.  The Falcon 9 rocket, with the booster that was used earlier to supply food and goods to astronauts living at the international Space Station (ISS) is being used and the launch is scheduled at 6:27 pm, 30

Group of Twenty or G20

The Group of Twenty or G20 is an international forum that brings together the governments and governors of central banks of twenty major economies. Why was Group of Twenty (G20) formed?  G20 was formed with the objectives of assessing, reviewing and eliciting co-operation of major economies on policy issues relating to international financial stability. These

ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation  

ISRO has made every Indian proud once again. This time ISRO created a world record on 15 February 2017,   by successfully blasting 104 satellites into their orbits in a single launch.  What is ISRO?  ISRO is the space agency of the Republic of India. ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organisation. The history of

CPSE ETF, Maharatna, Navratna and  Miniratna Companies

Maharatna and Navratna  have once again become the buzz words in India. Government of India has decided to sell stakes of four Maharatna  and six Navratna companies through CPSE ETF route. This is proposed by Government as part of its disinvestment plan in public sector units (PSU).  What are Mahartna, Navrtna and Miniratna Companies? Navratna

Worldwide Standard Time And Sir Sandford Fleming

Standard time concept can be considered as a byproduct of railroad expansion. Till 1800s, calculation of time was linked to the position of sun. This method is known as solar time. This led to many local time zones and began to create confusion with the progress in the fields of weather forecast and train travel.

BHIM app-Bharat Interface For Money

BHIM app is a simple UPI (United Payments Interface) based application for carrying out digital financial transactions. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. India after the recent demonetisation move has seen a rapid shift towards the less cash economy, digital banking and digital Payments. Government of India also announced two schemes, Lucky Grahak Yojana

Tornado And The Devastating Power

A tornado is a tunnel shaped, furiously rotating column of air. It is also referred to as a twister or whirlwind and is often highly devastating.  The sight of a tornado is fascinating, but people prefer not to see one at close quarters due to its furious devastating nature.  How is a tunnel shaped tornado