Be careful what you wish for

Amanda lived with her parents in a little village. There was no piped water leading to the village, so all the villagers were forced to take buckets and pans and pull water from a spring half a mile away. Every morning, even before most of the world was awake, they would take the hike to the spring and back. By the time they got back Amanda would be so tired she sometimes did not want to go to school. Her parents, understanding the importance of education, would always encourage her to keep a positive attitude and be glad they were able to get water at all.

careful, wish, may not get

Amanda did not want to hear any of that, so she would complain some of the times. Some mornings her parents would allow her to sleep in and take as many buckets as they could, for they felt sorry for her and they didn’t want her to be so tired she couldn’t learn at all when she made it to school. For the times when Amanda went, she never failed to complain. One morning, while they were walking to the spring, Amanda murmured that she wished she didn’t have to come to the spring at all.

The season was already changing, and soon it was summer. There was no rain for weeks and the village soon experienced a drought. One day they went to the spring to discover that the water had all dried up. They all became worried that they had no more water to use. They had to use what they had in small quantities so that it could last until the rains came again. It didn’t for a long time, and now Amanda became sad that she didn’t have water at the spring anymore. She would give anything to take that trip now.

Be careful what you wish for-you just might get it and you may not like it.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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Be careful what you wish for
Article Name
Be careful what you wish for
Be careful what you wish for-you just might get it and you may not like it.

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