Be careful not to unleash the wolf in the lamb.

Robert was always quiet and kept mostly to himself; he would sit with his trucks out in the yard and would ignore everyone else, even when they would jeer him about not having any friends. Robert did not care what they had to say for he was comfortable exactly where he was.


lamb 5


One day some boys were passing while he was out in the yard, sitting under his favorite mango tree eating a mango that had just fallen off the tree. The boys saw him there and thought they would make some fun of him so they took up some stones from the side of the road and started to throw them at him. Robert called out to them and told them to stop but still they continued.



lamb 3


He was beginning to get angry that he had to be hiding behind the tree so that the stones would not hurt him. His calling out to them attracted the attention of his mother and as she was walking out to the yard, she saw Robert storming to the gate with a stone in his hand. They boys started to run but by then he had thrown the stone at them and it hit one of the boys on his shoulder. He started to cry, but he was shown no pity for he was the original troublemaker.


Mother was surprised at Robert’s reaction, but she knew it was bound to happen one day.


Even the quietest lamb has a little wolf in them; be careful not to unleash it.


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Always try to be the rare gem.

While you wait, don’t forget to dance.

Maintain individuality, but learn to work in a team.

Even years of togetherness may not make a real friend.

Know where you are going;else you may get lost.



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