Be careful of our envy.

Susan was always seen sporting the latest fashion, and most times she would be the envy of everyone, especially the other girls who did not have as much as she did. She had many friends because of that, and the boys would follow her around and do her every command. She was like royalty at the school, and she loved it.



envy 1



Nicole was exactly the opposite of Susan; she lived in the village and even though her parents did their best to give her all that she needed, they were not able to give her some of the things she wanted, so she never had the latest clothes, nor the prettiest shoes-but she had clothes and shoes nonetheless. She tried to be thankful for all she had, but it was hard not to want some of the things she would see Susan with. Whenever one of the children were having a party, she would show up wearing the prettiest dress and she would always take the biggest gift. Some of the times, Nicole did not even have a gift, and she always felt bad, so she envied Susan.


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Some of the times she would pressure her parents to give her a fancy dress too, but they just could not afford it. One day at school, at lunch time, Nicole was walking to the back where she normally went to relax before classes began again. She heard a sound like someone crying so she walked towards the sound and was very surprised to see Susan there crying, she could not understand what could make her sad when she had it all. Nicole asked her if she was alright and she told her that she missed her parents because she hadn’t seen them in a while. Nicole was surprised to hear that because she felt that she lived with them. Susan told her that they travelled a lot and didn’t get to see her much, and that is why they made sure to send her everything she needed. Despite that, she felt alone in the big house and she would rather they come home instead.



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Nicole felt sorry for Susan, so she sat with her during the remainder of lunch, and tried to cheer her up. A few days later Susan told her that her parents had come home, but only for a short while, but she was happy to see them still. Nicole was not so envious of Susan after that, because even though she didn’t always have what she wanted, she had everything she needed.


Be careful of who or what you envy; you never know what others are going through, or what they have to do to have all they do. Be content with your lot.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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You are known does not mean you are liked.

There is wisdom in knowing when to stand up and fight for youself.

Never waste your marbles for what you are not sure of.

Endeavour to be straightforward and honest.

We see the roses always; And never the thorns.



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