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It  has always been thought  that girls are the ones with more  emotions and feelings. In many countries, a boy is called a “sissy” or is often bullied if he displays attitudes and emotions associated with being a girl. For instance,  a boy will be ridiculed and mocked if he even considers crying. If he is being teased at school or on the streets, he is expected to act tough  and react. Girls are the only ones who are allowed to cry, but the truth of the matter is, boys need to cry too.


Boys too should cry


Did you know that men and boys are more likely to commit suicide and engage in destructive behaviours because of how they are expected to act? When one feels pain, the most logical response is to cry out; if that channel is not  accessed, then boys are more likely to hold things inside, act tough, and then burst out. In so doing,  they will become bullies who are really scared boys hiding behind a tough exterior. They may also become problems for any society.



Boys too should cry22



It is alright to cry, and it does not  make any man or boy less so, or more “girly” if tears are evidenced. In fact, a man is considered to be stronger, if he is able to honestly display his emotions. In so doing, he may be able to access avenues for help. It is the weaker person who takes the lower road of holding things inside and allowing it to destroy them from the inside out. If God intended girls only to cry, then he would not have given tears to boys. It is a necessary reaction to pain and one that needs to be acted on.


So, for all the boys who had always felt like holding it in, do not poison your insides. The best way to deal with negative emotion some of the times is to cry and then let it go. Now,  this is not to say a boy should be whining all the times or crying for just about anything. Crying should be reserved for pain, from anyone and not just for boys. Do not  be fooled. It is not a girl’s ‘thing’ to cry. You are even more of a boy/man if you do.



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