We are blessed in our own way- Think, Act & Win

Some of us will be able to run at the speed of light,

And others will be able to tell very good stories,

Or perform extraordinary acts like tight rope walking,

Or jumping through hoops of fire.


There will be some, who will never be able to see,

Or speak, dance, write or run.


Whatever the blessings that you have received,

Be accepting of it for nothing was put on this earth,

For anyone, nor is anyone more special than the other

Just because they may have more.


blessed 1


Be grateful for everything you have;

Even if you cannot see, you might be able to hear,

If you can’t run as quickly as others,

You may be an extraordinary writer.


We each are blessed in our own way-

Do not compare yours with anyone else’s.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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