Beware of the character of your company-Thought 4 Children

Andre was not a bad kid, but he always kept hanging around the wrong set of people.  The company  would get into all sorts of mischief including vandalising property and shoplifting. Not all the times that they did their misdeeds Andre was around, but he was known to be in their company, so he was always pinpointed as well.


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One day he was home sleeping and he heard a noise outside his house. He went to his window and saw a group of boys pushing their way into his yard. His father went outside to determine what was happening, and that was when he was told that they were missing some parts of their motorcycles, and to add to that, they had spray painted their garage with images of the crew symbol. They were not sure where to find anyone except for Andre, so they came to get back their items and someone to clean up their garage.



company 4



The boys were so furious it took Andre’s father and a couple of neighbours to calm them down and tell them they would get to the bottom of it. Andre’s father stormed inside the house and demanded that Andre tell him what was going on. He had told him many times to not travel in the company of those boys because they were no good, but he would not listen. He now demanded that Andre take him to where his company hung out. That was forbidden, but under the circumstances he had no choice. He took him there and threatened to call the police if they did not return the items. Eventually, the leader of the gang came forward and handed his father a bag with the items. He told them they had a garage to clean as well, and then walked off. Andre learnt a lesson and thereafter he was selective in choosing his friends.


Be careful of the friends you keep; people often judge a person’s character by the company they keep.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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