Am I better than others?

There are times when we get tempted to think we are better than others simply because we have more of, perhaps, material things. What we use to judge what makes us better is different for different people, but the idea that anyone is better than the other is incorrect from any angle.


Am I better than others1


When you stop to think about it, you may wonder…what exactly are you better at? If the things you boast about to others did not come about by your doing, then the accomplishment is not your own, and no pride can be taken in that. If the accomplishment is your own, then it is unnecessary to ‘show off’ because the struggles to attain what you have can be understood then.


No one is best at everything; we are all perfectly equal in the eyes of our maker, and it is that same vision that we should adopt with our fellow human beings. Often times persons who have material things in abundance will walk and hold their heads high and turn their noses up at other persons that have less than they do. But what makes a man better than others is not found in a pocketbook or a bank account; it is found in the substance of their being. You may not have all the money in the world; as a matter of fact, you may not have any money at all-but the mark of an outstanding person (and one that can be considered ‘better’ for want of another word) is the way in which they treat others around them.


You do not have to have money to show kindness; you do not have to be pretty to be honest and decent; you do not have to drive a car to be a good neighbour. In fact, for the persons who think they are better than others because they have more, are only proving themselves to be less by not demonstrating qualities that are far more valuable.


Do not let others make you feel unworthy of their company just because you do not share the same history that they do. There are others who will be more accepting of the person you are. Stick to those persons who are able to see your worth, not by what you can give them or do for them, but for who you are. If you are able to accept who you are, and be satisfied with what you have, and feel comfortable in your skin, then what others do will not have any impact on you, and their boasting will be in vain.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart

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