If you cannot do a better job, stop pointing out flaws of others.

Raphael always walked around telling others what to do and what not to do. He always felt like his way was better, so he would keep correcting everyone. They all grew annoyed with him and would chase him away or avoid him as much as possible. That never stopped Raphael and he would keep on acting like an overseer and pointing out flaws. 


flaw 1

One Saturday he was at home and he could hear his Father outside chopping wood. He looked through the window and saw that he has whitewash next to the fence so he knew that he would be painting today as well. He could smell the breakfast that mother was preparing in the kitchen, and he hurried downstairs to get some. When he got there she had to chase him away so that he could get washed up.


After breakfast, he went outside to see what Father was doing. He has already chopped the wood and was fixing to start painting. Raphael walked over and sat on some pieces of wood that were lying on the ground. For every stroke that he made, Raphael would keep questioning him about the way he held the brush, suggesting he was going too slowly, or which areas needed more paint. Finally, Father got annoyed with him and asked him to get the other brush in the shed. Raphael went for the brush and father gave him a section of the fence to paint.


It was not long before Raphael realised it was not as easy as it looked; he could not hold the brush properly so the paint kept running all over him and the fence. When he did get it where he wanted, he could not get it into an even line. By this he looked over and realised father was doing a much better job than he was. When Father paused and came over to look, Raphael was embarrassed.


“Not as easy as it looks, huh?”

“No dad, it isn’t.”


flaw 2


Father took the brush from him and showed him how it was to be done and soon he was painting better than before. After that, he was careful about what he criticised. At least, until he was sure how it was to be done.


If you cannot help, or do a better job, it is pointless to keep pointing out weaknesses and flaws.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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