There has to be a balance in everything we do.

We all want to feel loved,

And we want to be treated kindly and justly,

But how many of us are willing to make the first move?

We want to receive, but never give;

We want to always have the sunshine,

Even while we rain on others.


balance 2


In everything there has to be a balance,

And for each act you perform, good or bad,

An act of good or bad will return to you,

Or someone you love.

There is no escaping the life you live;

And there is no better time to lead.

Don’t wait for others to show you the love,

Show the love first, and it will come back to you!



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Be polite and have respect for everyone.

Learn from mistakes

Believe in the strength of the team.

Earn for your toys.

Your actions may come back to you, when least expected.


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