Bad habits may land you in trouble.

Aaron had the habit of playing games and  jokes on others. Sometimes they would laugh at him, but at other times, they would not be as funny. He would walk up to someone and yell, ‘look a frog’ and  then when the boy or girl would jump with fright, he would fall over laughing. He played his jokes on the girls more for he always got a better reaction than he would get from the boys.


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What he has started doing lately is making jokes about himself. He would pretend sometimes that he was ill, and when they started to gather around him, then he would make a sudden movement and scare them. He would start laughing, but they did not think that it was funny at all and would walk away from him. He did this several times, falling over and pretending to be hurt and it amazed him that they would fall for it every time.


One day Aaron was at school, behaving in his usual way. At lunch time he chose a meal he did not normally take, and in the middle of it, he started feeling ill. His stomach started rumbling and he started sweating. Pretty soon he was falling off his chair and crumpling to the floor, holding his stomach in the process. When he fell, no one paid him any attention, but kept on doing what they wanted to.


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After a few minutes of Aaron being on the ground, a teacher walked in and saw him lying there. She walked over to him and called his name, but he did not answer. When she knelt beside him, she realised he was hardly breathing. She took him up and rushed him to the nurse. He had to be taken to the hospital for he had gotten food poisoning. The other children were shocked that he was really ill this time, but they explained to the teacher that he always did that, and that’s why no one had come to his aid.


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When you make a habit of telling lies, when you speak the truth, no one will know.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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