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There was this award the school gave out at the end of every term for the student that was most punctual. Whenever the students arrived at school, they had to mark the time that they arrived. The teachers usually did the roll call to check who was present, but they also wanted to be sure of the time the students came in as well. The students all tried to get to school on time because they all wanted the trophy and the gifts that would come with it.


Almost every term, Vera would get the award for most punctual student. Whenever the teachers checked the time log, she would always be the only student with perfect punctuality scores. All the teachers felt very proud of Vera, and all the other students were jealous, but they all decided they would try harder next term. They asked Vera what she did that made her get to school on time all the time, and she would always tell them she got up early and did her chores and hurried through everything else. They all decided to try that, but try as they might, they would wind up late some of the times.

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One day, Vera came to school late. She looked around to see if anyone was close by and wrote a time that would make it seem as if she was early. She walked off quickly without looking behind her. As it turned out, the class teacher had walked up just as Vera had walked off. She checked the log book, and then her wrist watch. Something was wrong; either her watch was not telling the correct time, or Vera had logged an incorrect time. She called another teacher to check what the time was, and realised her watch was correct all along. She called Vera and asked her about what she had done. Vera just hung her head in shame. The Principal had to announce the following morning that Vera had been dishonest all along and they would be taking back all the awards she had ever gotten. As punishment, she now had to get to school early everyday and tidy the classrooms.


Be honest at all times, even when no one is looking.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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