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Lena was always sticking her nose where it did not  belong, and no one liked having her around for that very reason. It seemed she found pleasure in asking questions when she was not being spoken to, or making comments about things when she heard others talking. It would have been bad if all she did was listen and make comments, but she had a bad habit of repeating what she heard to others. For that reason, no one would say anything whenever she came around.



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One day after school, Lena was walking around the back of the school when she saw some girls sitting in a corner. Lena knew that they would stop talking if they saw her, but she wanted so badly to hear what they were talking about. She hid behind the rows of bushes alongside the wall and slowly made her way until she was close enough to hear the girls. She listened very closely and could hear them talking about a party that one of them would be having, but that no one should tell Samuel about it. They were making all sorts of plans for the decorations and the cake, and Lena wondered why they would not  want Samuel to know.


Soon the girls were done talking and got up to leave. Lena remained very still until they were gone and then crawled from the bushes. She was so excited about the news she had heard she could barely stand still. It was as if the words were fighting to get out of her mouth. As soon as she saw someone, she had to tell. It so happened that the person she saw was a friend of Samuel. She told Mark that she had heard Marjorie and some other girls planning a party for Saturday, but they did not  want Samuel to know and she wondered what it was about. Mark told her he did not  know either and walked off.



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It so happened that the following day when Lena got to school, she was met by some angry girls. Marjorie approached her and told her that she needed to mind her own business. They were planning a surprise party for Samuel and because of her, he now knew and the surprise is ruined. The girls stormed off, leaving Lena feeling very badly about how she had meddled and caused mischief. The party was still held on Saturday, but Lena did not get an invitation.


Gossip does nothing for the person spreading the news but creates enemies.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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