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A seahorse is fish with a distinctive appearance. The movable head of a seahorse resembles the shape of knight in chess.  It has no scales. The neck is also distinct. The long snout helps to suck up food. Eyes can move independent of each other. It is a poor swimmer often seen  resting in beds of sea grass or coral reefs with its tail wound around some stationary object. It swims in the upright position. 

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Seahorse has an unusual and unique method of reproduction. Hatching the eggs is the responsibility of male seahorse. The male has a pouch on the trunk. The female deposits eggs in this pouch which gets embedded in the pouch wall.  Eggs are carried by the male till they hatch. Approximately 2000 fry (baby fish) are born at a time. 

There are around 35 species of seahorse. They live mainly in shallow tropical and temperate waters. They prefer living in sheltered areas like coral reefs, mangroves or sea grass bed. Indiscriminate fishing and habitat destruction are endangering seahorse population. 

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