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Doppler radar functions on the principles of  Doppler Effect Theory. This theory is named after the Austrian physicist Christian Doppler who explained the behavioral pattern of light, sound or water waves with reference to a stationary object.  Doppler radar, also known as weather radar or weather surveillance radar (WSR), finds wide application in weather forecasting and disaster management. 
Radar system is an object identification system that uses radio or electromagnetic waves to locate far away objects like aircrafts, ships, vehicles and weather formations among other things. 

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For farmers, knowledge of weather in advance is a blessing in managing their farms and agricultural produce. Through observations, experienced scientists can give a rough idea of whether movements. In the modern era, data from satellites, application of Doppler radars, and network of fast computers help scientists to make short term weather predictions accurately. The data from these systems and researches help meteorologists to predict weather with reasonable accuracy well in advance.  

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Using Doppler radars,  scientists track speed, direction and precipitation of winds.  The patterns of winds enable them to identify impending tornadoes and hurricanes. Antennas of Doppler radars are used to track storms, their motions and intensity of precipitation. The data are then projected to maps using different colours differentiating strengths of different precipitations. These colored weather maps help farmers to easily identify weather patterns. Governments and other agencies take necessary precautions, when dangerous weather patterns are observed, to minimize damage to life and agricultural products.  How do police find out if you are speeding?

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