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Light Phone is a new gadget in the market intended to regain the art of conversation.  Light phone in simple words is a phone that supports calls. Smart phone supports lot of activities like playing games, running applications, browsing, recording videos, audios and so on. Light Phone just supports calls. 

Sociologists and thinkers have been emphasizing the need of going back to talking for a long time to reestablish human bonding. In the present world of connectivity, we miss face to face interaction and real bonding. Light phone avoids multi-screen concepts and leads to meaningful conversation. Light phone supports just calls and does not contain games or browsers. 

The light phone was made by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang in New York at Google’s 30 week s incubator. They do not deny the need to connect, but emphasis on the need of balancing between connectivity and conversation. It may not be so easy to throw away smartphone on a fine morning. 


Researchers point out that multitasking and multi devise connectivity cause losses to the tune of $ 900 billion per year across the globe as work force engage in non-productive activities. With the estimated 1.5 billion per year  shipments of smartphones coupled with more cost-effective and efficient 4G network, there are  chances of human productivity going down further again. The over dependence on such gadgets can cause increased tensions and stresses, less job satisfaction and strained personal relationships. 

The light phone is priced in the range of $ 100 ( Rs. 7000/-) approximately. The success of the product depends on many factors. But it has come at a right time to remind the need of personal relations to have a healthy future.  

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