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Forbes is a bi-weekly business magazine with focus on finance, investment, industry, technology, politics and marketing. The American business magazine was founded on September 15, 1917 by B. C. Forbes and Walter Drey. The motto of the magazine is  "The Capitalist Tool".  The magazine is well known for the various lists and rankings being published every year. The lists cover various topics including richest people, leading companies, influential people, highest paid sportspersons and best countries for business. 

Forbes 30 Under 30 is another set of lists issued annually by Forbes magazine to recognize young achievers in different fields. The US list identifies 30 young persons each under twenty industries. First list was published in 2011. The selection is based on nominations. Regional editions in Asia, Europe and Africa also publish the ’30 under 30’, but the categories vary. 

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The regional list of Forbe’s  ‘30 Under 30’ in Asia was first published in 2016. The second list of 2017 has just been published. The process starts with inviting nominations.  A person can nominate himself or another person, if the person can be credited with outstanding contribution, innovation and impact and implementation in respective categories. The categories include entertainment, finance, retail, social entrepreneurs and technology. The nominee must be below 30 years in age till December 31 the year.

The second list of ‘30 Under 30’ in Asia features 300 young contributors in ten categories. The persons “pushing boundaries of innovation” find place in the list. China and India have contributed more to the list, 76 and 53 respectively. 

Dipa Karmakar, the first Indian female gymnast to represent the country in Olympic tops the Indians in the list. The Indians in the list include Srikanth Bolla, Sakshi Malik, Alia Bhatt, Sharath Gayakwad, Priyesh Trivedi, Trisha Shetty, and Tahir Raj Bhasin among others. Time Person Of The Year: Everything About The Issue

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